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Want to know more about composting, leaf litter, behaviour change and algal blooms?
Read our blogs below to learn more about the science behind our pilot program.

The path to preventing toxic Blue Green Algal blooms

During our long hot summer days, one of our favourite things to do is enjoy the water. We can’t do this when our lakes are closed.

using leaves for mulch

4 Creative ways to reuse leaves in your garden

Don’t let your carbon go to waste.  Find out 4 different ways that you can start using leaves in your garden.

Hands holding leaf compost, the benefits of leaf compost

The benefits of leaf compost in your garden

There are many benefits to using leaf compost in your garden. Don’t let this resource go to landfill or into our waterways!

Garden drainage and water storage ideas

6 Garden drainage and water storage ideas

Check out ways that you can drain water, directing it into your own garden storage system. Don’t let your rain and water go down the drain.

Join the compost revolution

Want to learn more about composting, protecting bio-diversity and more? Compost Revolution offer more than 20 blogs for interested readers.

Building programs people value

Learn more about how Social Marketing @ Griffith build initiatives such as The Leaf Collective.

Out of the bin and back in the ground

Are you worried that composting can smell? You aren’t alone. What if it isn’t what you imagine at all? Learn more about the how and why of composting here.

Learning what people want to see

Co-creation provides a collaborative approach to address complex problems. Learn about the co-creation process that was applied to build The Leaf Collective Autumn edition.

Autumn Trees jump start composting

Compost is a very dynamic community, with tens of thousands of species competing and sharing resources.Learn more about autumn leaves and their role in the composting process.

Autumn Leaves: Valuable resources, not a nuisance!

Learn how leaves left to go down drains contribute to blue-green algal blooms in Canberra waterways and the solutions available that can be implemented to get the true value back from leaves.

The life of a Canberra leaf

Hero or villain? Have you stopped to consider that leaves are litter and when left to their own devices leaves may not be the hero we thought them to be?

Let’s keep leaves out of street gutters and stop leaves going down our drain.

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