Adopt-a-Tree-or-Drain. Care for it! Collect It! Enjoy it!

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Choose a tree or a storm water drain (or both). Once you have adopted your tree or drain, all we ask you to do is be a Leaf Champion and care for it. Collect leaves that fall from the tree or end up near your drain.

As Leaf Champions, our goal is to stop organic matter from entering the storm water system. You can read more about why here or watch University of Canberra’s Fiona Dyer explain why here.

As a Leaf Champion you might want to join forces with other people and get them to help you.

What is involved in Adopt-a-Tree-or-Drain ?

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  1. Select the tree and/or drain to adopt.
  2. Complete our adoption form to mark your tree or drain on our community map.
  3. Keep the area free of organic matter like twigs, bark, flowers, grass clippings, etc. Make sure you check the roads and stay safe.
  4. Sustainably re-use and/or dispose of the collected leaves and other organic matter.

Here are some ideas for your collection and links to resources and tools that you may need:

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Want to track and share your impact?

Keep track of your impact by estimating the quantities of leaves collected and logging the results of your work on the Leaf Collective app.

To estimate the quantity of leaves, simply count the number of green bins or garden waste bags you fill (detailed instructions are included in the app).

If you want to be more scientific in tracking your impact, you can weigh your collections using a measuring scale that can be ordered for free from the Leaf Collective.

You can also share your impact with the wider community by uploading before and after photos here or sending your photos to The Leaf Collective email.